Class Dismissed: Here Comes the Boom

By: Sarah Beackley

Staff Writer

November 12, 2012

A high school that’s out of money, out of patience, and out of inspiration is what you’ll see in the beginning of Here Comes the Boom. Biology teacher Scott Voss (Kevin James) certainly isn’t the same spirited guy who loves his job that he once was, and for awhile, he’s ok with that. But when Scott learns the music program—along with his good friend Marty’s (Henry Winkler) job—is going to be cut, he knows he’s got to do something about it.

While tutoring Niko (Bas Rutten), a European tough guy in his U.S. citizenship class, he gets an outlandish idea about how he can raise the $48,000 the school needs by the end of the year: this middle-aged biology teacher from Boston is going to box in the UFC, where prize money is $10,000 a match just to lose. He starts out at the bottom, his first match at an arena with chickens running around! Despite intense training with Niko and Joe Rogan, lose he does—until the epic match up in his UFC debut when a newly revealed scandal involving his beloved school raises the stakes, making this win more important than ever.

With the support of close friend/almost girlfriend Bella (Selma Hayek), Scott Voss finds his passion for teaching again. Now that his students are actually learning something in biology, the orchestra kids, led by Malia (Charice) also show their support by playing his fight song in the stands at his big UFC debut. Kevin James is still just as funny as he ever was, but with more sophisticated humor and a deeper story of an underdog who comes through as a hero.

Old Everett High School was one of the primary filming locations for the classroom scenes and the final fight was in none other than the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Street scenes were shot in Boston and Quincy, MA had camera crews filming on location from February to June. Quincy High School and Veteran Stadium were both featured in the film and the mayor came to the set to meet all the actors. The fight that included a slippery down pour at an outdoor arena was filmed on location at the Topsfield Fairgrounds in Topsfield, MA.

Overall, Here Comes the Boom put a fun and inspiring twist on a familiar plot and Kevin James’ extensive preparation for the film paid off: he lost over 70 pounds in 14 months.

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