Niki Ghazian talks about photo shoots on location

The up & coming model discusses being on the set, law school, and a new football league for girls

By Steve Mathie
Staff Writer

On location photo shoots, football practice, reading for hours every night to get through law school and partying and hosting VIP parties. Who has time for all that? cover girl Niki Ghazian does, and after talking with her I found out she is passionate about all those activities, among others. Niki’s rising popularity as a celebrity is humbled by her intellectual aptitude and hard work in front of the camera, on the field and in the classroom.

As one of FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women of 2009, Niki has done photography shoots at many different homes, and reminded me of how important it is to have good locations.

“Having a good location when you are filming or shooting something is everything,” says Niki. “I have shot at some really cool locations including homes, hotels and lobbies, and the most important thing about those shoots in the location, just as important as good hair and makeup on the model. I like to be hands on with everything I do, and that goes for the location too. If there is something about the location of the set I don’t like, we have to fix it before we can keep shooting.”

Niki’s also pointed out that photographers often pay close attention to outdoor furniture.

“People who want to rent out their homes for filming might have a better chance if they have cool outdoor furniture, as the outdoor area of the property is often used as much, if not more than the interior” says Niki.

Interesting information that some of us may not have known about photo shoots, but not nearly as intriguing as some of the things I found out about Niki as I visited with her.

What’s taking up the majority of your time right now?
Well I just finished finals and that took up a lot of my time, I'm a second year law student at the University of La Verne.

What area do you want to work in after graduation and why did you get into law?
I am especially interested in both criminal and contract law. Next semester I’m taking constitutional law which is exciting. I guess ever since high school I’ve wanted to be a lawyer, my entire life random people have told me I'd make a great attorney. It probably has something to do with my tenacious character and analytical approach to everything.

You are playing football too, tell us about that?
Well it’s 7 on 7 tackle football, and it’s an idea that originated with the Lingerie Bowl, having models play football at halftime of the Super Bowl. It’s been a hit thanks to founder Mitch Mortaza. So this year the Lingerie Football League kicks off in September.

So let me get this straight, if I’m Tom Brady and you are running at me I’m supposed to be scared?
We aren’t playing against the Patriots. But if you are a girl version of Tom Brady you should be, yeah.

I guess this makes you a football fan?
I am a diehard Raiders fan and haven’t missed a game in years. My favorite player of all-time is Rich Gannon, he was a great quarterback. I think Russell (JaMarcus) is gonna be a good QB too, but he just needs some fine tuning. Warren Sapp is my favorite defensive player of all-time, he’s also one of my friends and great fun to be around!

Do you have any television shows that you are addicted too?
No. Other than sports I don’t really watch TV. I listen to music in the same way that other people watch TV, and getting my girls to watch football with me is like getting me to watch regular TV, it’s just not gonna happen! There are other ways you can expand your mind.

What about movies?
I love film, and actually I am a huge fan of directors. I’m very director based with my movie choices, and I love Mike Nichols who directed my favorite film, The Graduate. I like Stanley Kubrick too. A few of my other favorite films are True Romance and Casino, I guess I’m and old school girl. I’m also a big Batman girl, or maybe it’s because Christian Bale is so hot.

What actors or actresses do you have a ton of respect for?
You know, I think Reese Witherspoon is such a hard worker. It seems like she is really into her craft.

What if I turned on your iPod right now, what would I hear?
Well I buy CD’s, like I said I’m old school. But I always have Jay-Z and John Mayer. I like T.I. too, he just keeps getting better and better.

How is President Obama doing?
I think he is doing great. I absolutely love him, he is so articulate and has so much swagger. If he wasn’t in office our country would be in even more turmoil overseas. And look at Joe Biden he is awesome too.

So if there was one issue we have to tend to in America what is it?
The whole issue of gay marriage, because what this is about is civil rights. All Americans are entitled to equality and the right to be happy, you can’t deny them their civil liberties – it’s unconstitutional.

A civil union which gives same sex couples the same rights as heterosexual couples, is at minimum, what should be federally mandated as law to make this fair.

Whether or not you believe that marriage is between a man and a woman – you can’t deprive people their right to pursue happiness. It’s right at the beginning of the constitution and that’s what our country was built on.

This is not about religion, it's about the constitution and there is a reason the founding fathers separated church and state when America was born.

I know you love going to Vegas, where do you stay and what’s your game?
I have a few favorite places for different reasons. I love The Venetian, Trump Towers and Planet Hollywood. My game is roulette - you have a much better chance to win a lot at once than you do playing blackjack.

Alright where do you go from here, are you looking to do anything else in the entertainment industry?
Absolutely, I’ve already been contacted to do some stuff in film and television, possibly Entourage. As far as photo shoots I would love to do a shoot on location in New York with that skyline - some big fashion stuff. FL


Looks like this 26 year-old Persian Barbie is well on her way to success in some of the things she really loves most. Having been featured in FHM, Maxim, RUKUS Magazine and VH1, to name a few – Niki is ready to take on anything, so keep your eyes peeled for Niki Ghazian, an eye-popping combination of mind and beauty

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