New Mexico becoming a place for all types of filming

By: Steve Mathie
Staff Writer

ALBUQUERQUE, NM. - Democratic delegate and former classmate of presidential candidate Barack Obama Dean Ando has referred to New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson as a “rock star”, and when you look at what Richardson has done to boost the state of the film industry in New Mexico he might as well be a movie star too.

What do Johnny Depp, Shia LeBeouf, Christian Bale, Kevin Bacon, Renee Zellweger, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Jack Black, Michael Cera, Seth Rogen, Ray Liotta, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Tobey Maguire all have in common?

If you said “they are Hollywood stars” you are right. If you answered “they are all filming movies in the state of New Mexico”, you are still right.

New Mexico has turned itself into a filming giant, and there are more than just a few reasons as to why productions companies want to shoot in the Land of Enchantment.


1.) The state of New Mexico offers a 25% rebate on production expenditures that are subject to taxation by the state.

2.) A film investment loan program which gives production companies an opportunity to get $15 million per project from the state in loans.

3.) The film crew advancement program refunds 50% of the wages for on the job training of local production crews.

4.) A green filmmaking program that voluntarily encourages and promotes environmentally conscious film and television production.

These incentives for filming in New Mexico are without question among the best in the country, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. New Mexico is home to a new 28 acre studio with 8 soundstages called Albuquerque Studios, where Warner Bros. Pictures is shooting the fourth Terminator chapter, Terminator Salvation.

Albuquerque Studios has already gained enough notoriety with the film industry to attract production companies to film there, and also connects itself to the film industry at as a showcase listing. Governor Richardson has not only laid the groundwork and signed off on the legislation that has made New Mexico an ideal place to film movies, but other types of filming as well.

Crash, a new television series that is a take-off on the Oscar winning 2004 film, is shooting in New Mexico and is set to air sometime later this fall. Easy Money is a television series in its second season that is also using New Mexico as a filming location.

Commercials and video games also qualify for the 25% tax rebate, and the commercial filming industry in New Mexico has seen a large boom. Organizations such as MECA.NM, or Media Entertainment Coordination Association, New Mexico – are attempting to help entice production companies to film in the state.

So while Governor Richardson will definitely be busy with the 2008 Presidential Election, you can be sure he will still find the time to announce more projects that will be filmed in the state of New Mexico.

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