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Square Feet1000 Sq. Ft.
# Bathrooms2
# Bedrooms3
Year Built1980 - 2000
Lot Size4 + Acres
CityEagle Creek
CommentsHey, where are you location scouts? This place has great potential, in the fall and winter it has a sinister/spooky aura, in the summer it is park like and great for camping or nature thrillers, there are canyons and flat spaces forests and creek beds. It has a 20 foot cliff that is degrading and would make a super action land fall. Come out here and scout this place would be great for any number of movie plots/themes as well as commercials for home improvement and upkeep commercials. Scouts you are missing it if you don't take a moment and scout this property! Modest modular home set on 5+ acres. Pictures taken early spring prior to the leafing out of oak trees. Spring yard work and general clean-up just beginning but it's been "too wet to plow" so we are a bit behind. There will be some changes to present landscape. Photos have been added providing a comparison of seasonal variations. The property has a park like quality in spring and summer due to "natural" landscaping quality and summer vegetation.


Exterior Features
  • Hills
  • Carport
  • Large Grounds
  • Pond
Property Owner's Comments -
Exterior Features
Creek surrounded by natural unimproved acreage. Terrain is irregular. This area has been used for limited camping and individual retreats. The creek is located 20 feet below house and yard in a natural canyon, and has an irregular salmon run late Oct to Feb. Landscaping is an ongoing project around the house while the creek area remains undeveloped providing a wildlife refuge for small animals, birds and deer.

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